Reading List for Spring Break!

NOTE: SPRING HAS SPRUNG IN MY REGION 🙂 {1} Lord of Shadows Cassandra Clare Super, SUPER excited to finish this one! Lord of Shadows actually released in May, and I ordered my Waterstones Special Edition way before that. Even so, mine only arrived in August, and I haven't had a lot of time to read,… Continue reading Reading List for Spring Break!


How Many Books Will You Read in a Lifetime?

Kristen Twardowski


We readers like to imagine that we’ll always have time for a book. We’ll get to finish all the great ones. The classics. The new releases. The fantasy series that stretches on for book after book. The standalone memoir that somehow reflects our own lives.

But of course we won’t read all of the books in the world. We probably won’t even have the chance to read all of the books that matter. Time is finite after all. So are the number of novels we read.

That raises the question: how many books will we each read during our lifetimes?

Emily Temple over at Literary Hub set out to find the answer to that very thing. She found that the answer depends on several variables including how long we’ll each live and how many books we read per year. So Temple created three categories: an average reader, a voracious one, and a…

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