Behind The Books

For those of you who just clicked the words “Behind The Books”, then I welcome you warmly! As you can probably tell, I’m totally, one hundred million percent obsessed with books. I read a wide variety of books, but my favourite genres are definitely fantasy and YA books.

Before you feel the need to point it out to me, I have not spelt certain words like “colour” and “organise” wrong. I live in South Africa which follows British English, and that’s just how we spell those words, so don’t pester me about it, okay?

My all-time favourite author is Cassandra Clare, because she is the queen of trilogies and Clace is my OTP. Oh, and if you don’t know what OTP means (or any other fangirl/fanboy term), then please feel free to ask down below in the comments on any one of my posts. Someone will answer you, whether it be me or a fellow fangirl/fanboy. We don’t bite… unless you call us nerds.

Do you guys have any book suggestions for me? Or questions? Maybe you want to write a guest article, or you have some suggestions for this blog? Just fill out the form down below and hit “Submit”, and then I’ll receive an email with what you guys have to say.